The Judys - The Very Best Of

Logo design and layout for Vancouver Garage Rock band The Judys

The Gnar Gnars - The Gnarnicles of Chronia

6 panel CD cover design for Victoria Toilet Rock Band The Gnar Gnars!

Gnas Gnars_front

Gnas Gnars_back






The Bad Beats - His Vengeful Hand

Vinyl album cover design for Vancouver Garage Rock Band The Bad Beats

Bad Beats Front

Bad Beats Back

The Liquor Kings - Unfiltered

CD cover design for Vancouver Heavy Hitters The Liquor Kings

Liquor Kings front cover

Liquor Kings front and back cover

Motorama - Found On Road Dead

CD cover design for Vancouver rockers Motorama

Motorama Front

Motorama Back

Orchard Pinkish and... - Mitt Full of Loonies

CD cover design for Vancouver roots/country outfit Orchard Pinkish and his Horny Hands

OP Front

OP Back

The Strugglers - IV Play

CD cover design for Vancouver rockers The Strugglers

Strugglers Front

Strugglers Back

Cousin Harley - The Dutch Sessions

Instrument illustrations UPA style for the CD cover design for Vancouver's Swingin Cousin Harley - Cover design and Layout by Scott Beadle

Cousin Harley front

Cousin Harley back

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Bad Beats Back